European solution for collective music rights directive




09 Jul 2013


Bruxelles, Belgium



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It's been a whirlwind summer full of headlines on data privacy protection and internet security. Now security of income - collective management of copyright material created by artists in the EU-- has been addressed in a draft directive which has passed unanimously in Parliament´s Legal Affairs committee.


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But unlike privacy of data, this is about transparency of music rights groups and the way they collect royalties on behalf of artists.

More broadly the directive is meant to create an internal market—essentially allowing multi-licensing of musical works online across Europe.

Archive of music buyers and recording artists (if we have or can download) John off That in turn is meant to help create new competitive digital services.
But it hasn't been easy getting this far. There remain substantial differences of copyright law across the 28 EU member states and between different categories of rights holders and between rights-holders and users.

Footage from today's hearing Rapporteur on collective rights management in the Legal Affairs Committee is Marielle Gallo of the EPP Group. She insists that the directive will have a positive impact across the music industry in future.


MEP Marielle Gallo

EPP Group France

We provide the proof that the artists rights can be adapted to the digital era since I got a unanimous vote which means that we have everyone in my JURI committee-- from the British conservatives all the way to the Swedish Pirates party.

Nous apportons la preuve, que le droit d'auteur peut très bien s'adapter dans l´ère numérique et si j´ai obtenue ce vote à l'unanimité, ça veut dire que nous partons des conservateurs anglais et nous allons dans ma commission JURI jusqu'au pirates suédois.


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And she said not only the rapidly evolving business models in the music industry stand to gain from a new rights management directive. She insists culture will also win.

Interview MEP Gallo

EPP Group France

For the citizen it is clear that it's possible to have much greater access to culture and to music; but for the business model it's not only music because the model of collective rights management is currently a work in progress in different sectors. It has to be also developed like in the audiovisual one.


Pour le citoyen c´est évidement la possibilité d´avoir un accès plus large a la culture, a la musique, mais a la culture et pas seulement a la musique parce que le modèle de société de gestion collectif est actuellement en œuvre dans les autres secteurs mais et appeler a se développer dans d´ autres secteurs comme l´audiovisuel.

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Still Gallo admits there have been and remain some significant hurdles to overcome.

MEP Marielle Gallo

What I regret is that it´s a directive which will have to be converted (for each member state); therefore we will have a delay of two years during which we will possibly have to continue with the same system; yet because of the digital market we will have to move really quite fast. Francais
Et ce que je regrette c´ est que comme il s´agit d´une directif, et qui va falloir la transposer, on va avoir une délais de deux ans pendant lequel on va devoir, peut être, continuer avec ce même système alors que sur le digital market il faudrait aller très très vite.

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On the face of it this is about simplifying the ways artists choose to fairly manage their music rights or have it managed for them collectively across the EU.
But consumers also stand to gain or lose by how transparently these rights are managed-- as they ultimately impact prices for online music.

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European solution for collective music rights directive


EPP Group MEP Marielle Gallo says a draft directive on collective rights management means artists will be better remunerated in future and citizens will have greater cultural diversity of music.
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