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03 Jun 2013


Brussels, Belgium



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EPP parliamentary leaders in the Member States and the European Parliament exchanged pointed and at times differing views on the importance of establishing a durable and transparent European budget.

With 2014 elections looming, participants here stressed that every Euro spent from the EU budget eases the strain on national treasuries, the cause of much recent citizen anger.

Daul, Juncker in session if possible in session

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EPP Group Chairman Joseph Daul expressed his frustration at criticism of Parliament and blame from Member States governments over growing voter mistrust and disillusionment with what the EU can and cannot pay from its budget. Meanwhile Luxembourg Prime Minister and EPP Group stalwart Jean Claude Juncker said getting the budget approved soon was crucial.


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01:21 – 01:30

Juncker on

0:30 – 0:50 I do think there was general consensus that we need a full fledged decision before the end of June-- which will be a unique and last opportunity that a deal is possible…01:21 – 01:30 we have to make sure that remaining problems of the budget of 2013 will have a proper response. This has to be done because there is no other possibility.

Martens speaking in session

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EPP Chairman Wilfried Martens told national chairmen to explain to their electorates clearly the priorities for the 2014 election.

07:36 I ask that you…08:00 best fulfill that promise

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07:36 I ask that you explain why more Europe and not less Europe will provide the best chance for continued recovery today and prosperity tomorrow and why the EPP in particular is the political party that can best fulfil that promise.

Pictures of Juncker

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Juncker was equally adamant on this point.

Interview Juncker

03:33 – 03:45 We have to explain

Juncker on

03:33 – 03:45 We have to explain to the voters, in fact the citizens, that the time has not come to subdivide in national categories but to work closer and closer together.

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EPP Group Vice Chairman Paulo Rangel remained upbeat but indicated that it was coming soon to a do or die situation for Parliament on the budget issue.



03:57 – 04:27 If the parliament will accomplish its aims of having a budget with flexibility and with a wider and bigger budget then we can deliver some results to the voters. If we fail in this task it will be bad for the EPP and for the other mainstream parties.


John on Curbing unemployment and getting stable growth back on track remains the EPP consensus for digging Europe out of its ongoing recession.

Otherwise the fear is that declining trust --and voter turnout in 2014-- may ultimately hand greater power to fringe and Euro-sceptic parties.

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EPP Summit Demands Stronger EU Budget


Speaking at their 18th biannual Summit, Chairmen of EPP Parliamentary Groups in the National Parliaments of the EU and the European Parliament fiercely debated how to reverse growing citizen and voter disillusionment with progress on a sustainable and transparent EU budget.
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