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Stand-up CB on The European Union has made a big wager: that research and development will be a key driver of Europe's economy. The new budget for Horizon 2020 is 80 billion euros over seven years, a 30% increase, while other EU spending has been cut. Now to make sure that that the money is well-spent.


Horizon 2020 programs today, R&D

Set up Carvalho at hearing CB off At a European Parliament hearing, MEPs exchanged ideas with academics on how Horizon 2020 can boost struggling economies in Southern Europe. They discussed new opportunities and tools the program, and the European Investment Bank, are providing to help those member states develop their research and innovation potential. One panel headed by EPP MEP Maria da Graca Carvalho examined how better to turn R&D into products and services that benefit citizens.

Interview Maria da Graca Carvalho, Portuguese MEP on :15
The panel is looking at how to transfer knowledge to the society, something that Europe in general has difficulty, but particularly the southern countries have more difficulty on that issue so there are common challenges. And. we need to overcome this difficulties together, for example we have too much bureaucracy.

Set up Tsoukalas at hearing CB off Another panel headed by Ioannis Tsoukalas of the EPP Group discussed new instruments to bridge the innovation divide in Europe. How southern European countries can use them to fight a brain drain.

Ioannis Tsoukalas, Greek MEP, on

Cutaway to R&D, young researchers 2:02
Fighting the brain drain means new jobs based on the production of value-added services and products can be produced by the youngsters, which are graduated from universities with bright ideas.
Europe has a very talented human potential in doing so. We are very impeded, looking at bunches of talented people leaving Europe for over the Atlantic or over the Pacific. We want to stop that.

Set up Sifakis at hearing

CB off Joining in the event was Joseph Sifakis, of the Lausanne Institute of Technology in Switzerland. He says Horizon 2020 needs to limit its scope to a number of promising sectors like information and communications technology, or ICT.

Joseph Sifakis
Professor, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne :43
What we lack in Europe is a pan-EU innovation strategy that mobilises the best and that is much more focused. And this is missing. Also what is missing is, and this is of course much more political, it is not technical, is a unified market. The lack of a unified market is a problem for European enterprises.

Horizon 2020 program CB off Removing barriers in Europe´s single market, could give innovative start-ups the economies of scale they need better compete globally, Sifakis says.

CB on Horizon 2020 itself is to become more efficient by cutting 30% of the Commission staff who handle the program. By cutting the red tape and micro-management. To free up more creative energy needed to make the European economy more competitive and job-creative.

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