Free and fair trade that makes sense for Europe




30 Apr 2019


Brussels, Belgium



Edited Package
GFX:- Fair, sustainble trade :CB off:With millions of European jobs linked to international trade, MEPs have backed efforts to expand commerce that´s fair and sustainable.
GFX:- EU-Canada Trade:CB off:One example is the EU-Canada trade accord called CETA. The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement overcame opposition within the EU, with MEPs like the EPP Group’s Godelieve Quisthoudt-Rowohl, defending it as beneficial for both sides and a model for other accords. Quisthoudt-Rowohl is the EPP Group’s spokesperson on the International Trade Committee.
Interview, Pabriks pix:Godelieve Quisthoudt-Rowohl, German MEP::00 It is a very comprehensive agreement. In a certain sense we made a lot of work, because on either side of the ocean there are particular interests which we have to consider.
:36 I am very proud to say that the EPP, we had the rapporteur, Artis Pabriks, is one of the main driving instances of this agreement.
GFX: - Fighting dumping - Trade Defence:CB off:Another EPP Group MEP pushing for free and fair trade is Christof Fjellner. Also on the International Trade Committee, he authored a report amending regulations fighting dumped or subsidised imports. It’s part of a policy called trade defence.
Interview:Christof Fjellner, Swedish MEP:Fjellner 1 00:07 There’s a lot of people who want to use trade defence as a protectionist tool, but what we’ve managed to do in the EPP is to see to it that we fight blatant breaches of rules and not fight trade in itself, or making a tool for protectionists.
GFX: - Tightening dual use: CB off:Fjellner was also shadow rapporteur on screening dual use products in strategic sectors – those which can be used for military as well as civilian purposes.
Interview:Fjellner on :Fjellner1 1:39 Trade is also an important geopolitical tool, and we know in a time of conflict around the world there’s a lot of products produced in the European Union that might be used by rogue states in conflicts and wars against our interests. And therefore we have tools, to monitor and see to it that we don’t supply the bad guys with things that might harm ourselves.
GFX: - Trade as foreign policy:CB off:3:57 Trade is always a possibility for the economy of course, but the economy in a broader sense.
4:11 The possibility to stay into contact and talk to people and to open ourselves, but also to open other countries.
GFX: - 1 in 7 jobs - EU-South Korea - Boosting exports:CB off:With one in every seven European jobs dependent on international trade, the EU is actively seeking more trade agreements. Those reached so far are seen as successful, such as the EU-South Korea trade pact that boosted European exports. EPP Group MEPs want to keep it that way.
Interview:Fjellner on:Fjellner 2 00:00 We live right now in a time where populists push for more and more protectionism, but during the last mandate the EPP has been the strongest force for free trade, a free trade that supports 36 million jobs throughout Europe. And if there’s one thing that I can promise for the next mandate, it’s that EPP will stay true to that course and actually keep defending free trade.
Interview:Quisthoudt-Rowohl, on:5:59 The EPP at the moment is the largest group of the European Parliament and has a big influence, first of all of course in the Committee of International Trade but also, and that’s also my pleasure to say it here, in the Subcommittee for Human Rights. And we have a very good way to combine the works on both these levels.
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  • Laura Barrios
    EPP TV Assistant Producer