Green Deal, Middle East tensions, rethinking the EU



Green Deal, Middle East tensions, rethinking the EU
The European Parliament puts its stamp on a Green Deal aimed at carbon neutrality by 2050 and backs billions in new funding for it.

"Don't just force people to be greener, help them."
The scope of the Just Transition Fund is to alleviate the burden of the transition to the green economy.

Debating the situation in Iran and Iraq, and calls for cooler heads.

:45 Iran is not totally out of the nuclear deal.

How to reform the way the EU works, starting with Europe-wide peoples´ assemblies.

Environmental issues am sure that they will be on the top list

The European Parliament has approved a resolution backing the EU´s Green Deal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, adding its ideas to the mix.
The Green Deal shouldn´t mean that we buy electric buses in China. We should build them in Europe and provide jobs to Europeans. This is key, and therefore the EPP says it´s not about climate policy only. It´s industry policy. It´s trade policy. :40

Siegfried Mureșan backs the European Commission´s call for 7.5 billion euros in new money for a Just Transition Mechanism. It´s aimed at mobilising up to 100 billion euros through 2027.
I would want us to finance a young entrepreneur who launches a business able of hiring those people who cannot working in coal mining for example. 1:33

Parliament debated what Europe´s next steps should be to calm heightened tensions in the Middle East. This after the US killed an Iranian general linked to extremist militias, Iran struck at US forces in Iraq and accidentally shot down a Ukrainian jetliner, sparking massive protests at home.
The general attitude after the people found out that there have been lies for three days about the real events with regard to the plane - now the people increasingly return again and denouncing the regime.

The EPP Group´s Michael Gahler says this could present an opportunity for Iran to re-apply the nuclear agreement it started to back away from.

I think the regime has all reason to try and impress the international community by returning to its application. …
It´s also in their interest to resume the application of the treaty.´´ 1:23

Otherwise Gahler says Iran could face new sanctions.

Parliament staked out its vision of how to tackle the Future of Europe, with plans for a two-year conference including citizens´ assemblies, 10 years after the Lisbon Treaty that governs it.
:39 We´ll have six big meetings – we call it Agora – of citizens, that will be representing all European Union countries, also with socio-economic, age and gender diversity :54

Named after a public space in ancient Greece, the Agora are to be as broad, open, interactive and inclusive as possible.

What changes we should make, especially that could improve the democracy legitimacy, the democratic legitimacy of all the Union, that could improve substantial policies as environment, as the digital transition and revolution, as naturally defence and external policy issues. 2:18
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