Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group




09 May 2012


Brussels, Belgium



"The rise in populism and extremism is largely due to the absence of courage from some political Parties to tell Europeans the truth", said Joseph Daul MEP during the commemoration of the Robert Schuman Declaration of 9 May. "Europe's debt crisis needs a dual policy: debt reduction coupled with sustainable growth, which requires greater competitiveness. Those who advocate one without the other are not telling the truth."

Speaking at the European Parliament plenary session on the future of Europe, the Chairman of the Centre-Right EPP Group recalled how long it has taken Europeans to realise that there are no differences between us and our neighbours: "We finally know the value of tolerance, dialogue and solidarity, which take precedence over individualism."

Joseph Daul expressed his grave concerns about the rise in extremism, on the Left as well as on the Right, in a growing number of European countries: "These ideologies have no place in Europe and I urge all mainstream political parties to remember that they have nothing to gain and everything to lose by trivialising extremism."

"The Chairman of the biggest European parliamentary Group condemned "intellectual shortcuts and easy solutions which are just demagoguery and only serve to feed the illusions of our citizens, who are then quickly disappointed. This is how we promote extremist Parties."

In the current political debate on debt reduction and growth, Joseph Daul also highlighted the considerable risk of giving in to the temptation of the easy option by lowering the guard on the consolidation of national public finances and wrongly believing that the Keynesian stimulus, based solely on additional spending, would help Europe emerge from the debt crisis.

"Beyond the stereotypes, Europe is not made up of those who want strict management and those who want growth, simply because both are two sides of the same coin, as I have been saying for months", added Joseph Daul.

Joseph Daul warned Europeans: "As long as the countries who spend excessively do not put a policy in place to reduce their debts, those countries who are making good efforts to manage their spending will no longer be willing to show solidarity."
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