Parliament will have "last word" on long-term EU budget



Parliament will have "last word" on long-term EU budget
Siegfried Mureșan, Romanian MEP 1:23 If the European Council agrees on a budget which does not reflect our position, this Parliament will vote this budget down.

The EPP Group’s Siegfried Mureșan, on a European Parliament debate about next week´s EU summit on the budget plan for 2021-27. He´s the EPP Group’s Vice Chair in charge of budget and is concerned EU leaders will make a deal without Parliament at the table.

Mureșan, MEP :28 Not to forget about farmers, not to forget about the least developed regions in Europe, but to also finance the new priorities in Europe, which are climate change, reducing CO2 emissions, improving our energy efficiency, securing our external borders :44

Called the Multi-annual Financial Framework, or MFF, the EPP Group’s co-author of the budget resolution is pushing for it to be 1.3% of the EU´s Gross Domestic Product, up from about 1%. In part to fill the gap left by Brexit.

Jan Olbrycht, Polish MEP 2:06 We would like to continue working on research, we would like to continue working on the climate, but we would also like to have the concrete municipalities, to build roads, to have them with the hospitals and schools, et cetera. 2:21

How to boost the funding? Another EPP Group negotiator, José Manuel Fernandes says, no budget blueprint without significant progress on the EU raising its own resources.

José Manuel Fernandes, Portuguese MEP With the United Kingdom leaving, with new needs, it is necessary to have a budget with a higher level than what we have now.

Fernandes - For example, taxes on the giants of digital. They don´t pay. They must pay. We must also avoid fraud and tax evasion.
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