Rushes: Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy Votes in the Committee on Agricultural and Rural Development



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Interview with Mairead McGuinness
'That is a really big question there was an awful lot of changes in committee. I suppose the key issues as far as we are concerned as an agricultural committee is that the focus on our supports we want to target to active farmers to productive farmers or farmers who actually produce food and public goods. That is a really key part. We are very positive on young farmers on giving them support.'
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Interview with Mairead McGuinness
'It is quite hard to capture in few sentences the compromise we have voted through. But when I look at the actual votes there has been a very strong support for those compromise amendments, which tells me that the political groups have found unity within their differences.'
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Interview with Mairead McGuinness
'We have extra power but we have also extra responsibility, I always think you need to say both of those things, and I think it is showed in the amount of amendments that colleagues tabled we have had thousands of amendments. Our job as the negotiators was to whittle that down to a coherent text that the Parliament can support.' Middle shot 00:17:01
Cutaways of the amendments papers. Outside shot of EU's flags.
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Interview with Mairead McGuinness
'But I want to say very critically that we don't have figures for the CAP budget and a lot of our work will be dependent on adequate budget been available for the Common Agricultural Policy.'
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Cutaways of the farmers working inside/outside.
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Cutaways of the audience. Michel Dantin during the committee.
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Interview with Michel Dantin, EPP Group Member from France (interview in French).

Je noterai deux points qui me paraissent extrêmement importants: C´est d´une part la capacité donnée aux producteurs de s´organiser pour vendre leur produits et pour négocier face aux intermédiaires, et c'est d´ autre part le souhaite d´une clarification du droit de la concurrence de manière à ce que ce droit soit appliqué de manière identique dans le ensemble dans nos 27 pays. Ce que compte c'est que marche intérieure fonctionne y compris sur la questionne agricole.

'I will underline two points which are extremely important to me: it is, on one hand, the need to give producers the capacity to organise themselves to sell their products and to negotiate with intermediates, and on the other hand, the need for a clarification of competition law to make sure the legislation is identically applied in all of our 27 countries. What is most important is that the internal market works, including on the agricultural field.' Middle shot 00:28:05
Cutaways of the audience. Michel Dantin during the committee.
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Agricultural and rural development cutaways. Farmers working in the field. 3 shots 00:12:48
Cutaway of EPP Group Member Giovanni La Via voting during the committee.
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Interview with EPP Group Member Giovanni La Via
(Interview in Italian).

Molto speso ci ritroviamo con sanzioni con minate agli agricoltori semplicemente perché non comprendono bene i contenuti e i requisiti che devono mantenere. Per questa ragione abbiamo pensato un sistema d´allerta che possa avvisare agli agricoltori in caso in qui stanno commettendo un'infrazione consentendo a loro di correggere il loro comportamento.

'Very often we see fines imposed on farmers simply because they do not understand well the contents and requirements that they are supposed to respect.
For this reason, we thought of an early warning system that can alert farmers in the event that they are committing an offense, allowing them to correct their behaviour.

Dall'altro lato, nell'ottica, della semplificazione abbiamo previsto la possibilità di fare domande che valgano per due anni al fine d´evitare che ogni anno l'agricoltore sia appesantito della burocrazia crescente.

On the other hand, in view of simplification we have provided the opportunity to make requests which are valid for two years in order to avoid that every year the farmer is burdened by bureaucracy.'
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Cutaways of farmers feeding animals, animals, butchers selling meat.
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Cutaways of EPP Group Spokesperson Elisabeth Kostinger from the committee during voting.
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Interview with EPP Group Spokesperson Elisabeth Kostinger
'We are very much in favour of the greening, which is proposed by the Commission, we also say that countries and farmers who already have done a lot for agricultural, environmental, climate measures should not be punished.

'The rural development fund is for the whole rural areas, So a lot of communities and projects, where agricultural sector is linked, are also very much supported by the fund of rural development. So this is very important. Also investments are paid from the rural development fund and we have to say that it was very successful today especially for the EPP group, so we won all our key amendments.'

Cutaways of the fields, people in the countryside.
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