SME financing gets boost from EU to create jobs




05 Dec 2013


Brussels, Belgium



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Stand-up CB on Europe's leaders have recognized the power of small and medium-size enterprises in creating jobs – 90% of all new jobs. That's spawned new concepts to provide the financing SMEs need to help power Europe's recovery. And that's the theme of this seminar, here at the European Parliament.
SMEs CB off Programs in the new EU budget framework for 2014-2020 will help SMEs expand their operations across Europe and worldwide.
Wortmann setup CB off EPP Group Vice-Chair Corien Wortmann-Kool explains.
Interview Corien Wortmann-Kool, EPP Group Vice-Chair The EPP organized this seminar because for us, financing SMEs is a key issue for economic recovery. Because what we want is strong SMEs who can provide our citizens with jobs. And access to lending, access to capital, is a key problem at the moment. So we want to tackle that problem in order to provide our citizens with jobs.


SMEs CB off Among the programs developed by the European Commission and the European Parliament is COSME, which provides financing, or guarantees for SMEs.

Tajani setup CB off Antonio Tajani is Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship, and is a member of the EPP family.
Antonio Tajani, Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship COSME, 2.5 billion euros, only for SMEs, internationalisation, venture capital. We need more venture capital for a successful finance in Europe. And SMEs working into the sector. There are also other billion euros, the Horizon 2020, big package, more or less 70 billion euros for research, and we will also have public procurement for the implementation of research within small and medium-size companies.
EIB The European Investment Bank also attended the seminar. Ben Knapen is the EIB´s Permanent Representative in Brussels.
Ben Knapen, EIB Permanent Representative, Brussels What we are doing is we raise the level of lending, own lending, to SMEs substantially. Last year we lent about 12 billion to SMEs, and this year, if you add everything up, we may have at the end of the year, end up with about 20 billion of own lending to SMEs. So new ways of reaching them.
SMEs CB off How successful those programs are in boosting SMEs will help determine the speed of Europe's rebound from the crisis.
CB on Financing is the lifeblood of a company of any size. Getting the financing to start up a small company, or expand it, can be very difficult. That's where EU funding can be of critical importance, to help SMEs get off the ground, and create new jobs.
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Headline SME financing gets boost from EU to create jobs
Description The EU has developed new concepts to finance small and medium-size enterprises to power Europe´s recovery. The EPP Group has played a key role in securing funding for COSME and other programs.
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