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Stand-up on Strengthening Europe's industry against the background of continuing high unemployment and weak demand in several EU Member States was one of the key issues discussed during the EPP Group's Bureau Meeting here in Dresden, on the invitation of the CDU Minister-President of Saxony and former EPP Group Member, Stanislaw Tillich.

off Dresden has overcome its devastating destruction during World War II and years of communist depression and has become a major economic powerhouse and cultural centre in Eastern Germany.The discussions concentrated on exploring ways to build on and improve Europe's industrial base as a means for generating economic growth and fostering new employment opportunities. Stanislaw Tillich also highlighted the importance of close cooperation at regional, national and European level. Joseph Daul, Chairman of the EPP Group, Herbert Reul, Chair of the German CDU-CSU Delegation of the EPP Group, as well as the Co-Chair, Markus Ferber, stressed the importance of industry as a basis for future prosperity. Günther Oettinger, the European Commissioner for Energy, presented the Commission's actions to secure energy supply and decrease energy costs for the industry. Rutger Wijburg, General Manager and Senior Vice-President of Globalfoundries, one of the world's largest semi-conductor foundries, asked for politics to look at the outside world and not to put up new barriers.

Rutger Wijburg Globalfoundries A part of the industry is global and need to compete globally. So that means on the discussion we had today in energy Europe can save energy but Europe cannot be over expensive in energy. Should be about emissions? Europe should be let's say in the leading front on saving Earth but you cannot deny the fact that other people should do their task. On third thing I would say that particularly my industry is capital intensive and very important for other industries like automotive, is that if you recognise that other areas in the world are actually subsidising capital, then I think we should not be concerned of spending our money on innovation but also lets say we should stimulate jobs and subsidise capital in order to make sure that the manufacturing centres and industry can rise.

off Hans Müller-Steinhagen Rector of the Dresden University of Technology, underlined the problem that due to demographic change, there is a lack of a qualified labour force, especially in Northern Europe.
Hans Müller - Steinhagen on We certainly have to increase the participation rate that means we need to have more students from our own population. We will have to increase the success level .But with both we will still not have enough high potential and we will have to increase the number of students from overseas, from Asia, from Africa, from other countries who will come to Europe, study here and settle here.
off Herbert Reul, Chair of the German CDU-CSU Delegation of the EPP Group, concluded the first round of discussions by underlining the ingredients for a successful industrial policy mix.

MEP on
Herbert Reul

We need very qualified people that means good education, we need to redirect funds to more funding for research and innovation. We need more free space and less burdens and that means for example we need urgently to get the explosion of energy costs under control. The European industry must have fair chances in the competition with the world and I think we need a correction in European industry policy. Wir brauchen sehr qualifizierte Menschen also gute Ausbildung, wir brauchen eine Umsteuerung der Finanzmitteln hin zu mehr Forschungsmittel und mehr Innovation. Wir brauchen mehr Frei Räume und weniger Belastungen und dass heißt zum Beispiel wir müssen dringend die Explosion der Energiekosten im Griff zu bekommen. Die Europäische Industrie muss faire Chancen haben im Wettbewerb mit der Welt und ich glaube wir brauche
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