The vital role of the Church in the EU's commitment to dealing with social challenges



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The EPP Group has held a conference on the role of Church and the EU commitment in migration and the economic crisis.

The aim this meeting is to raise public awareness on poverty and social exclusion that millions of people suffer while they arrive to Europe or when they migrate from one country to another.

The participants underlined that the Churches fulfil an important role every day, which supplements the work of the governmental organisations, local and EU institutions providing services, counselling and giving advice to those in need.

Mariya Gabriel, Vice-Chairwoman of the EPP Group responsible for Mediterranean Policy underlined the serious commitment of Churches and Church-related communities with the challenges that Europe has to face such as social exclusion and poverty.

Mariya Mariya
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Today we have the opportunity to see, on the basis of our own values, of ours Christian democrats' values, how we can better cope with poverty and social exclusion situations. We can clearly say today that our Christian democrats values and the church offers us the value of solidarity, that is already a first solution when receiving people , and
we can also say that the church has transversal role, that allows us to put forward our own values like inclusion, dialogue, and tolerance. Those are values that will would guide our joint actions to better manage sensitive topics.


Aujourd'hui c'est une occasion de voir sur la base de nôtres valeurs, de nôtres valeurs Christian démocrates, comment nous pouvons mieux faire face à la situation de la pauvreté, de l'exclusion sociale. Nous pouvons clairement le dire aujourd'hui nôtres valeurs Christian démocrates, l´église nous offre la valeur de la solidarité en première, donc déjà une première solution: l´accueil de ses gents la, et ensuite nous pouvons aussi dire que le rôle de l´église est un rôle transversal, un rôle qui dans la société nous permettre de mettre en avant nôtres valeurs que sont celles d´avoir l´inclusivite, d´avoir le dialogue, d´avoir la tolérance donc ça ce sont de valeurs que permettrait du guider nôtres futures actions communes pour mieux gérer les sujets sensibles.

The conference, organised by the Mediterranean Policy and Interreligious Dialogue Service of the EPP Group, is an important precursor of the Pope's visit to the as the chairmen of the EPP Group, Manfred Weber, explained.

Manfred Weber

I am sure that the Pope will remind us as Europeans about our values, about our roots inside the European Union, Christian roots inside the xxx . And he will underline what it means in the daily life of day to day people. And that means for example Europa has to be a continent of humanity, in terms for migration we have to be open to migrants that are coming to Europe and he will for sure remind us in our responsibility to fight against poverty all over the world.
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